Termite Control Services:

Termites are wood destroying insects who live in the ground and can feed off the wood structure of your house. Termites have caused Millions of dollars in damages to houses and commercial properties. When buying or selling a home, its most critical to make sure the property is termite free. Old damage or active infestations can ruin the sale or purchase of a home or commercial property. Call us today to set up an inspection of your property to make sure you are clear from terminate activity and damage.  One of our licensed Technicians will diagnose the problem and propose a solution.

Rodent Control Services:

Rodents can cause damage to the outside & inside of your residence & property. Our technician will determine the problem area’s in and around your house and treat it accordingly. We will use a discrete combination of bait and traps which will not cause you or your family any harm as well as make a repair as needed.

Mosquito and Tick Treatment:

Whether you’re hosting a backyard wedding or casual BBQ, we will keep your guests off of the menu.  PROTECTION will spray the area before the event, creating an odorless barrier, significantly reducing mosquitos.

Mosquito & Flea Control Maintenance Plans:

Our most popular mosquito control service, our traditional barrier spray will significantly decrease your yards mosquito population with scheduled treatments.

Raccoon Removal and Trapping:

Raccoons can cause severe damage to your property. Raccoons frequently urinate and spread fecal matter on the interior of the structure. Raccoons also carry a list of hazardous and harmful parasites and diseases. They are known to be the single largest carrier of rabies in New York State. Our technicians safely and humanely remove raccoons and relocate them to an area where they are unable to detect the prior residence.

Squirrel Trapping and Removal:

Gray squirrels are a big problem in the Long Island area. They are very forceful and destructive in nature. They will chew through almost anything and everything; whether the structure is new or old. We will humanely trap and relocate the squirrel. Our company guarantees that the animal will not return to the prior residence.

Rats and Mice Control/Trapping:

Whether one hears the annoying scratching in the walls at night or observes droppings in the garage, kitchen, attic, basement or the exterior perimeter; the use of New York State registered poisons and traps will effectively and efficiently eliminate and control the population of Mice and Rats. However, there is a slight risk of them dying in an inaccessible infrastructure or inaccessible area of your property. Snap trapping and/or monitoring rodent bait stations are a valuable method to ensure elimination and prevent future invaders.

If burdened by Rats or Mice, you will have continuous issues unless your exterior and interior has been inspected for openings along rooflines, crawlspaces and cracks in the foundation. Mice carry parasites and ticks into your home or establishments, which compromises the health and welfare of your family, guests, or patrons. Our technicians can discover and address these visible openings to greatly limit and prevent further rodent infestations.